January 11, 2017 |

The Current State of Our Home + Living Room Inspiration

We’ve been buried in home decor books, pinning to our home boards, moving furniture around daily and trying to give this sweet old lady of a house the best layout we can give her.  It’s been a month and a half since we moved in and we are slowly figuring things out.  When we moved in the night before Thanksgiving, we knew it would be full holiday mode for a while before we even got to the “normal” home style, so when we took down all the Christmas decorations a few days ago (that wreath was the last to go — it still smelled so good!), it was the first time since we moved in that we got to take a really good look at our Tudor.  Our sofa has been moved to three different places since we moved in, and we’re thinking the third time was a charm.  Our living room is a narrow rectangular shape, so we are trying to create an intimate seating area that allows for conversation without having to yell across the room.  Bigger isn’t always better, and we found out quickly that we’d rather have a functional space than a space that just holds a lot of our things.
We have some big plans in the new year for our home.  We’ll be sharing the befores and afters, as well as the in betweens on here, along with a few of those not-so pretty, not-so styled corners of this humble abode.  We’ll be switching out many of the items we’ve come to love as the layout is just very different from any place we’ve lived in previously.  Many of our things are piled up around the house until they find their permanent home, and our plans to create a studio space out of our garage is encouraging us to hold on to the things we are swapping out. We’re getting there though, and our late-night photoshop mock-ups of each room are definitely helping us visualize the final product that will be coming down the line.

As far as renovations, we have a few of those in our plans as well. Keep an eye out this week for a post on the biggest reno we want to tackle first.  For now, we’re just trying to get the living room/entry area to be a functional and comfortable area for us. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into the house, so mentally it’s important to us to get it in order. We love this home and how the previous owners cared for it and loved it, but we want every inch of this place to be a reflection of us and that will require a little tweaking with some of the rooms and design.  Friday we have the electrician coming to switch out the fans, change out the switch plates and electrical sockets to white for a cleaner look, and moving around the internet hook ups and bedroom light fixtures. We also want to get a painter in here to paint the window frames and then figure out window treatments. We’re stuck between curtains or roman shades. Thoughts?

Our mock-ups and ideas for each room will be shared here and we’d love to hear your feedback and input on the direction we move in as this is our first time owning a house and going through this process.  We are overwhelmed, excited, terrified, and a little impatient, but we know if we do it right, we’ll have the home we have always wanted.  Our goals are hefty, but we’re hoping to achieve most of them (emphasis on the word “most”)  by April/May.  We’ll see.

Okay, so living room design! We played very heavily into the mid-century and boho look in our old place, which we still love, but now we’re in a 1930’s home and want to incorporate a few different pieces, even if it just means a change in the textiles to make it feel more period appropriate. We’re envisioning a more neutral color palette, with gray and black accents, minimal accessories and a big focus on art work. We also have been eyeing a few fabric sofas, but are still on the fence about that.

Here are a few images we’re loving below:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

What do you guys think? We’re hoping to have this space all put together by the end of the month.
You can see more of our favorites for the living room on Pinterest too. Follow along with us!

January 1, 2017 |

Year in Review: 2016

Woah! What a crazy year 2016 was!  I’m sure we say that every year, but 2016 was filled with so many ups and downs, along with quite a few tests. So much was jammed packed into the last twelve months and if at the beginning of the year you told us we would do any of the things we did, particularly buy a house, we most likely would have let out a big chuckle and smile politely at you. 2016 has taught us to have faith in ourselves, trust our instincts, not be afraid to work hard and take risks, dance a little crazy even if you have just one go-to dance move, sing that ridiculous song at karaoke, open up to friends more, share more with each other, surround ourselves with positivity, and just welcome in friendships and love.

Last year on New Year’s Day we made personal lists of goals for the new year. We never really make resolutions…it was more of a list of things to challenge ourselves with, surprise trips to see our families, to have a certain amount of money saved for a rainy day, dream trips…things like that. It was really interesting to open them up yesterday morning and see what was important to us and on our minds just a year ago. We read the lists off to each other, taking turns, going item by item. Some things made us laugh pretty hard, others made us nostalgic, and some just inspired us to push harder in 2017.

Looking back, here are a few of our favorite moments…

In 2016, we…

…traveled to Austin for SXSW and met our good friends Vincent and Denny.
bought a house!!! It took some time and a lot of ups and downs, but we are so happy to call this little tudor our home!!
…hit the seas for our first cruise together to the Carribean.
…celebrated 12 years together and 3 years of marriage! Woah!
…experienced a crazy blizzard with family back in New York.
…worked on a fun apartment tour with the Domino crew and were featured in their new book!
…took a mini road trip to Palm Springs with some friends and stayed at an awesome dome airbnb.
…welcomed Henry into our family! That little munchkin has brought so much joy to our lives.
…explored the Iris Van Herpen exhibit in Grand Rapids.
…had family visit from the east coast!
…continued our pumpkin picking and pumpkin carving tradition with friends and the pups!
…spent some time on the Oregon Coast with the Bridge & Burn crew and a few other amazing folks! See our Portland travel video here.
…did our best mime impressions in matching body suits. Hah!
visited the Joshua Tree Casita with long time IG friends, Tim and Merrill. Love them!
…spent an afternoon at Mount Lemmon with Ben Sasso and shot some fun, windy photos.
…explored Seattle after wanting to visit for SO long! We were lucky enough to spend our time there with a few friends (Vincent and Cheyanne), who were pretty much the best tour guides and travel buddies we could have asked for.
…hosted a fun trunk show with Coach.
…started a YouTube channel. We’re looking forward to sharing more videos on here, so be sure to subscribe! 🙂
…embarked on a Meditterrean Cruise and visited Italy, France, and Spain! It was a trip of a lifetime and we couldn’t have been more grateful to have explored those places together and meet some incredible people! Hope we can visit again real soon!

Thank you so much for following along and sharing in this crazy journey…it really means a lot to us! Can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!

You can see past year in reviews here: 2015 and 2014

December 31, 2016 |

New Year’s Eve!

His: J.Crew coat (old — similar here and here) | ASOS jeans and shirt
Hers: Aritzia coat (similar) | Sezane blousebag, and shoes | Madewell jeans

How has another year passed by? We spent some time earlier today going through photos and early blog posts from this year and it somehow feels so long ago. Out of all the things to reflect upon over the last twelve months, we couldn’t be more grateful to simply be side by side for another year and welcome in a few gray hairs together. 😉  We’ll share a recap of the year on the blog tomorrow, but for now we wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year’s Eve with those close to them!

If you’re looking for any last minute holiday hair ideas, check out our post with Aveda here featuring this low bun style. It was so easy and you could keep the first part for New Year’s Day tomorrow. 😉

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Thank you to Willow Greene for capturing these images of us. We’re so happy to have these photos as a send off to 2016!

December 28, 2016 |

Joshua Tree: One Desert to Another

Our trip to Joshua Tree was just what the doctor ordered.  We just went through a pretty long, thorough, house buying process, it’s the holiday season, and we’ve been working our butts off lately.  A trip to the Joshua Tree Casita with our friends Tim & Merrill was the perfect retreat.  If you haven’t been to Joshua Tree, we highly recommend it.  We’re not sure why it took us so long to visit. There is just enough to do there to not feel like you’re the last man on earth, and there is so much open desert and sky to just turn off that ol’ brain of yours and get to relaxing.

The drive from Phoenix was about four hours long and it was pretty much just open road and mountain views. We recently spoke about our reliable, trusty Toyota Corolla and the car buying process and these trips remind us why it’s so important to have the right vehicle to get from A to B.  Our first car, before Arthur, was an old Honda from the 90s, and while it definitely got the job done for day-to-day travel, it would’ve never lasted on these little road trips of ours, especially not on the dirt roads of Joshua Tree. It was nice to not have to worry and just turn the music up, chat about our 2017 goals (this year flew by) and get to our destination. The clarity and efficiency of Capital One’s Auto Navigator® site makes finding and financing a car a breeze. Instead of wasting time on a ton of different sites trying to figure out which is the right car for you and whether or not you can afford it, the Auto Navigator site has it all in one spot, so you can spend that extra time traveling to see the one’s you care about. We wish we had that option back when we got our car.  If your goal for 2017 is more travel, we highly recommend checking this out before you hit the road.

If you are heading to Joshua Tree, let us be your guide.

The Joshua Tree House or The Joshua Tree Casita:

Sara and Rich Combs are the amazing, master minds behind these homes.  Every inch of these properties has been thought out and jam packed with inspiring decor.  The Combs are high school sweethearts who were the kindest hosts we could have asked for.  We were so happy to be able to gather around the fire at sunset with some wine, cheese & crackers, they so generously prepared.  While under a few layers of blankets and shooting stars, we share stories, including how they landed in Joshua Tree.  They are incredible people and we can’t thank them enough for their hospitality and friendship.

Joshua Tree is definitely more of a weekend destination if you’re looking to go out, so not everything was open for our mid-week getaway.  Here are the places we enjoyed most:

Pie For the People – New York style pizza and garlic knots was the first meal when we got to Joshua Tree.  It was delicious and really the only way we could imagine we’d kick off our trip with The Melideos.

Joshua Tree Saloon – Wanna grab a drink, shoot some pool? This place is for you!

Crossroads Café – We enjoyed breakfast here our first morning in town. Get the “Messy Jessie” and some homemade biscuits, you won’t regret it.

Joshua Tree Coffee Company – This place was perfect for a little afternoon pick me up and everything is locally roasted.

Natural Sisters – Breakfast to-go on our last day in Joshua Tree. It reminded us of a NY deli with bagel and egg sandwiches and yogurt fruit cups. They were so kind here and super accommodating with dairy restrictions.

There are so many amazing vintage shops, that are not overpricked, so you can find some pretty great treasures. Here are a few of our favorites:

The End – I’ll start with the staff who were so kind and chatted with us for quite a while about how they ended up in Joshua Tree and why they love it.  They were great!  Now on to the goods…this place is classic Joshua Tree and felt like a work of art in itself.  It felt more like an authentic 60s style shop than a vintage store.

Promised Land – Lots of vintage boots and so much more.  Very clean aesthetic.

Hoof and the Horn – A great mix of new and vintage goods.  Probably the most curated shop in Joshua Tree with classic, boho vibes, and well known brands.

Hoodoo – Records, comics, t-shirts, and tiki goods.  We walked out with a few jazz records as usual.

Pioneer Crossing Antiques – Good selection of pottery and local artwork, with some quirky description tags.

‘Til next time Joshua Tree!

Unless noted otherwise in this post, Capital One is not affiliated with, nor is it endorsed by, any of the companies mentioned. All trademarks and other intellectual property used or displayed are the ownership of their respective owners.  This article is © 2016 Capital One.

December 27, 2016 |

We’re going driving with Capital One

His: J.Crew jacket | Tretorn boots | ASOS jeans and shirt | Herschel bag
Hers: J.Crew jacket (sold out — similar here) | Madewell sweater and jeans | Sézane loafers

We love traveling.  It’s a huge part of our lives and something that is very important for us to experience together.  Last year, we made the big decision to leave our 9-5 jobs, and go all in with our marketing/photography business, blogging full time.  It was probably one of, if not the scariest decision we have ever made, but (in the end) it has been incredibly rewarding. We mentioned a bit about our work transition a while back here. We were in the middle of a two week road trip and we were suddenly overwhelmed with positivity and a feeling of “Wow, we are in our car, working from the road together, and this needs to keep going”.  Lately, we’ve been thinking of this moment a lot.  We recently took a mini road trip to Joshua Tree and on the ride over we had a few flashbacks to that fall road trip a year ago and it felt good…it just felt like validation that we are where we are supposed to be and doing what we love.  After a full year of being full time freelancers together, we are still traveling together in the same car that kick started this crazy, beautiful journey.  We always laugh about when it was time for us to buy a new car in AZ. Our old car, Arthur as we liked to call him, was feeling pretty tired from the desert temps (he was a New Yorker at heart), and a reliable vehicle for long trips was pretty important to us.  At the time, we didn’t know how monumental that choice would be, but it turned out to be a pretty big deal. It wasn’t the easiest experience for us…we don’t know too much about cars, and going into a car dealership without a ton of knowledge about the process (particularly the financing aspect) can be pretty daunting.

We’ve recently partnered up with Capital One to share a tool that we wish we would’ve had when we were on the car search.  We were clueless, a bit nervous to make the wrong choice, and at the disposal of a professional who knew that we didn’t know much about the process.  Capital One’s Auto Navigator® site is the little angel we wish we had with us last year on our own search.  It prequalifies you, allows you to check monthly payment options (for the overly cautious and sometimes paranoid planners like ourselves), and search dealer inventory before ever stepping foot inside a dealership.  Pretty much, it gives you the confidence to finance a car, know exactly what you can afford and avoid that buyer’s remorse, because hey — you can’t just go return it like that crazy printed sweater you probably didn’t need. Buying a new car should be fun and the Auto Navigator site definitely provides the information you need to feel prepared for the purchase. If you’re wondering, we decided on a Toyota Corolla. 🙂

Henry feels pretty comfortable about the whole thing. Haha 😉

Our recent adventure to Joshua Tree gave us the itch to plan another big road trip soon.  We’re hoping 2017 brings us lots of travel and inspiring journeys.  Stay tuned for some photos from our trip!  We’d love to hear about your favorite road trip experiences in the comments.  Do you have any routes you recommend or travel tips we should know?

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Thank you to Capital One for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

December 27, 2016 |

December Recap 2016

His: Tretorn boots | ASOS jeans | UO jacket and shirt
Hers: Seychelles shoes | Madewell jeans | Aritzia jacket (similar here)

This holiday season really got away from us. With the move and some projects filling our days these last few months, we found ourselves in Target the night before Christmas Eve, picking up a few last minute gifts, and realizing that we’d be gathering with friends the next day for a little celebration. The days kind of began to melt into each other, and it caught up with us Christmas morning, feeling a little under the weather. We decided to cancel our plans and stay inside with some new jazz records spinning, cozied up in our pjs all day. We felt bad not being able to be with those close to us yesterday, but I think a little rest was what our bodies needed. It can sometimes be hard to realize that and just take the time for yourself. We heated up some leftovers from Christmas Eve (pasta and chicken parm) and played a few rounds of Parcheesi, before calling it an early night.

Thankfully the holiday wasn’t a total bust. We did have some fun moments leading up to the 25th: holiday parties, walking around our neighborhood to see the holiday lights with hot cocoa, watching our favorite movies, and Christmas Eve we even had a few friends over to celebrate. We felt a little strange having people over for a holiday with very little set up…the house seemed pretty bare, with rooms just partially decorated and unfortunately the perfectionist side of us kicked in. Once everyone arrived, we quickly realized how silly we were for feeling that way and the laughter, music, food and drinks that filled the night were all we needed. We can’t wait to host more dinner parties here, and see this place come together.

Here are a few photos from December we never got around to sharing on the blog…

Ikea ottoman | Maewoven pillow | UO shirt 

We hope everyone had a very happy holiday season! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the new year!

December 22, 2016 |

Photography Tips + Tricks

NEW DARLINGS - CANON - CAMERA/PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS We definitely don’t call ourselves “photographers”, we like to use the term: “photo-takers”. Haha! Since our dating days, we have been photographing everythingggg and have dozens of albums to prove it, but the photos were always on a point-and-shoot camera. Nothing too fancy. Over the last several years we became more serious about photography and like to think we’ve become a bit more savvy with our way around the camera. We are always so humbled when we receive an email from a reader asking about what camera we use, looking for pointers on photography. Here are a few tips + tricks we’ve picked up that have made taking photos on our travels and for the blog a little easier. 🙂

How do you find the ideal lighting for OOTD photos?
We prefer to use natural light for all of our photos, indoors and outdoors. Our favorite time to shoot outside is usually right before sunset. The lighting is super soft, which maintains the natural colors of the environment, an outfit, skin tones, etc…

What is the best angle to capture a non-worn outfit – i.e. a flat lay, interior, etc.?
For flat lays we like to get as far above/on top of the subject as possible, so placing the items for your flat lay on the floor and standing over them is the easiest route. For food shots and table tops, you may want to stand up from your seat to get the ideal shot. Something we love about the Canon EOS M5 is that it has a swivel touch screen and is super light. This is such a plus when taking overheads because, you can angle the screen to face down at you. Normally, when taking an overhead shot, your arm is raised above your head, preventing you from seeing the screen, so this is a nice little bonus.

For interiors, you want to capture the room as someone would view it, so angles are important.  We prefer to shoot interiors on a tripod, giving us a clear and crisp image each time.  Setting up the shot at “belly-button height” is a great rule of thumb as well, preventing any funny angles or skewed perspectives/proportions.

What are your favorite lenses/cameras to shoot on?
We recently began shooting with the Canon EOS M5, in addition to our Canon 6D. The M5 is so compact and has been great to throw in our bag to capture photos throughout the day. The EF-M 22mm f/2 lens has been a nice addition as well. We enjoy bringing our camera to parties or gatherings with friends, which are usually in the evening and this lens is nice for capturing images in low-light settings, while still getting that pretty background blur. Lately we’ve been loving the  Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 II on our 6D. It gives us a lot of versatility when traveling and is great for interiors in a smaller apartment.

What’s the go-to rule of thumb for capturing a portrait and/or full body images of someone?
For us, we like to keep three things in mind when taking a photo of each other or friends:

[left: original image, right: image after posting to IG]

01. Stand several feet away from your subject: Tight, up-close shots are beautiful, but more times than not we end up playing with cropping and angles after shooting. Having more negative space to work with is always nice, especially if you’re looking to share your image on social media. We love sharing full frame-vertical images on Instagram, but the app does cut a bit from the top and/or botton of the shot, so keeping some extra space for any cropping that may occur has been something we’re conscious of while shooting.

[photo from Fall Style post here]

02. Get a little lower: Crouching down and taking the photo from a lower angle allows you to capture the subject in their best light. As we mentioned above for interiors, shooting from above or eye level can throw off a room’s proportions. It’s the same for people. Sometimes you may want to play with different perspectives and angles, but for a true representation of the subject, getting a little lower allows you to capture the subject without distorting their proportions. A little way to check this for yourself is make sure the edges of your shot are lined up with the building or door way your subject may be standing by/in front of. Using the surrounding environment as a grid can be super helpful.

[photo from our trip to San Fransisco; more from the blog post here]

03. Keep an eye on your aperture: A high aperture will keep everything in your shot sharp. This is great for interiors and landscapes where you may want everything in focus.  If you’re shooting detail shots or portraits, you probably want the background to melt a bit. The wider your aperture, the lower your f-stop is, and the blurrier your background will be.

What are your go-to filters?
VSCO film pack 01 is our favorite for editing blog photos in Lightroom. It has a large array of classic filters that create a clean look and are a great starting point for large photo sets. From there we usually tweak the saturation and exposure, and almost always warm up the image, unless it was shot indoors. Then, we usually find ourselves stripping the orange and yellow tones a bit, which can sometimes become too saturated from artificial light.

NEW DARLINGS - CANON - CAMERA/PHOTOGRAPHY TIPSH&M turtleneck | Madewell jeans | Sezané belt | Coach bag

Hope that helps answer some of your questions. 🙂
Please comment below with anything else you guys might be curious about!

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December 16, 2016 |

Holiday Hair with Aveda

We tend to fall into a routine when it comes to getting ready, go-to outfits, the usual hair style, the “what’s easy today” sort of thing, but in celebration of the holiday season we wanted to mix things up a bit! We have some fun holiday parties coming up, along with a NYE bash we’re looking forward to, so we were really excited to team up with Aveda to bring you guys some holiday looks.

My sister recently graduated from the Aveda institute in Florida, and has been sharing all the tips and tricks she’s learned over the course of the 13 months she studied there. Unfortunately we never got the opportunity to visit her school, but we recently visited Juut Salon here in Scottsdale and got a closer look at the Aveda process. It was really special getting to see everything she’s told us about and picture her in a similar space, styling and getting people ready for some big events. She’s talented that one. #Proudsistermoment! 😉

We spent the afternoon with the very skilled and kind, Molly and Amie. We tried out three looks for the ladies, that are surprisingly easy to recreate at home with just a few products, and a classic men’s style that’s perfect for everyday while still being polished for an evening out.

Check them out below!



This look was inspired by a style worn by Emma Stone — love her! I don’t often wear my hair to the side like this because I’ve had trouble keeping everything in place, but Molly prepped my hair with Pure Abundance Hair Potion, which really created great volume and texture, then secured it with a few bobby-pins in the back at the nape of my neck after curling. She used a 1 1/2″ curling wand, beginning with curling away from the face and then in the opposite direction with each new section, creating a pretty sleek look. The Smooth Infusion styling creme helped battle any frizz I might have been welcomed with. These curls lasted all throughout the next day!



When I met Amie, we discussed the type of hair I have and the style I usually gravitate towards.  She wanted to maintain my look, but use Aveda products that she thought would help save me some time when doing it myself.  She first cleaned up my fade that had started to darken from waiting a couple weeks longer than usual in between cuts.  When you have a beard that can look a bit unruly, it’s important to keep a nice fade to keep a balance from hair to beard, otherwise it can look a bit overwhelming.  Once Amie was finished with the fade, I got the full Aveda treatment which included a hand and scalp massage which could’ve lasted all day and I would’ve been okay with, a shampoo + condition and possibly a minute or two nap ;).  I have naturally very curly hair, which can be tough to style.  After I discussed that with Amie, she recommended the Smooth Infusion which progressively loosens curls for a straight style.  This was exactly what I was looking for and is a perfect product to use to get this classic, “gentleman’s style” I very often use.  She added a bit of hairspray to hold the style and off I went.



This was such a fun look to create and I can’t wait to try this one at home. Molly prepped the hair with Shampure Dry-Shampoo for a bit of texture and then followed up with Aveda’s Air Control light hold hairspray to make sure everything stayed in place, without weighing the hair down. After dividing my hair down the middle for the pigtails, she sectioned each side into two equal parts. She started from the front pulling the hair from one section over to the other, and continued on alternating sections, making sure to pull tightly in between. Her hands moved so quickly braiding my long hair in a flash!



This third and final look was my favorite and we ended up taking a few more photos later that evening. It feels like the perfect New Years Eve look and a pretty nice upgrade from my usual high top-knot. You start out with a side pony tail.  Add a bit of height to the top of your head for some extra volume if you like that look, I do. 😉  Molly achieved this by back-combing the hair at the crown of my head a bit and then smoothing everything out with a round brush and a bit of hair spray. Section by section, begin creating loops with your hair rolling from the bottom of your pony tail up to the base. Repeat all the around and secure with bobby-pins!

Hope these looks give you some holiday hair inspiration!
Keep an eye out for more photos of this beautiful low bun. Can’t wait to share!

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Thank you to Aveda for partnering on this post.

December 15, 2016 |

Holiday Looks with Hearts On Fire

New Darlings - Hearts On Fire - Holiday LooksNew Darlings - Hearts On Fire - Holiday LooksNew Darlings - Hearts On Fire - Holiday Looks

We’re excited to partner with Hearts On Fire this season and share a holiday party look for him and her. Although we won’t be throwing our own holiday party this year (it just felt a little too crazy with the move), we’re looking forward to attending some get togethers with friends, doing our best Jingle Bell Rock karaoke, and sneaking a kiss under the mistletoe. 😉

New Darlings - Hearts On Fire - Menswear Holiday LooksNew Darlings - Hearts On Fire - Holiday LooksNew Darlings - Hearts On Fire - Holiday LooksNew Darlings - Hearts On Fire - Holiday LooksHis: ASOS blazer (similar), shirt, and jeans | Nisolo oxfords | Kapten & Son watch
Hers: Madewell sweater | Aritzia skirt (similar) | Sezané boots | HOF jewelry

When dressing for the holidays, don’t over think it. We like to stick to classic pieces and silhouettes that we feel comfortable in, but are still polished. A blazer and oxfords for him can be an easy way to dress up pieces you already have in your closet. Keeping with the same theme, pick your favorite soft sweater, and pair it with a classic skirt and heels. This can be quickly dressed up with the right accessories, like a bright lip for a pop of color and a little sparkle with dainty jewelry.

New Darlings - Hearts On Fire - Holiday Looks

HOF necklace | bangles | stacking rings

New Darlings - Hearts On Fire - Holiday Looks

Accessories are my favorite way to elevate any look. I’ve been loving mixing metals lately. Trends are always changing and mixing metals gives you the opportunity to incorporate new pieces alongside some of your older favorites. This will be our 13th Christmas together (woah, that sounds weird to say out loud as I type) and Rob surprised me a little early with something special for the holidays. I’ve had my eye on these Lorelei Floral bands from HOF. They’re so dainty, while still making a big impact. All their pieces have an effortless elegance that are also so very versatile for everyday wear. I love the idea of wearing these bands on their own for a minimal look or stacking them with my wedding rings.

New Darlings - Hearts On Fire - Holiday LooksNew Darlings - Hearts On Fire - Holiday LooksNew Darlings - Hearts On Fire - Holiday Looks

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Photos by: Willow Greene

Thank you to Hearts on Fire for sponsoring this post. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support this blog. 

December 10, 2016 |

A Clean Slate

new-darlings-dining-room-07image source

When we started looking for our home we had many specifications, just as any Property Brothers fans would have…a certain style, flooring, x number of bathrooms and bedrooms. In our previous apartments we had created a small cozy home for ourselves among many plants and our mid-century and boho favorites, but as our search for a house continued, we became enamored with the quirky ins and outs of the old homes in Phoenix. We quickly realized we were being drawn to other styles. For a while we were set on a mid-century Haver home with cement floors and minimal open concept, but then we laid eyes on our 1930s old lady of a Tudor home and we were completely smitten.

new-darlings-dining-roomThe floor plan is pretty open, but there are defining rooms and living spaces, with a separate kitchen, living room and dining room in the front of the house. We were pretty excited about the original floors, doors, and hardware throughout, with a warm cottage feel. It immediately got us thinking about different decor styles and placement of furniture. One of our favorite rooms has to be the dining room. Although our place is mostly in boxes, with the exception of our living room (we just couldn’t hold off on busting out the Christmas decorations), we’re excited about the potential of the dining area. With the holidays right around the corner, we keep daydreaming about the idea of family and friends gathered around a table, eating and laughing together.

new-darlings-dining-room-05So here is the dining room with nothing in it, the day we got our keys. We were so excited and had a pizza and champagne picnic on the floor. It’s a great blank slate and should be an easy space to make feel like our own. This was shot from the living room. To the left is the kitchen in the back.

new-darlings-dining-roomWe hired movers to move into this place, thinking it would be less stressful and everything would go in it’s proper spot, but it didn’t exactly work out that way and six hours later after the entire move was complete (side note: that felt a bit long to move a two bedroom apartment with a three man crew, can anyone weigh in here?), the dining room looked like a bomb went off. We’re cleaning it out little by little, shining up these hardwood floors, and putting all the dinnerware and silverware in the cupboards and drawers. The clean freak gene was passed down to the both of us, which is both a blessing and a curse, so tidying up and having a clean space to wake up to each day is so important to us.  I remember having a conversation with my cousin years ago, when he first bought his house. He was saying how crazy (and kind of funny) it was that he reached the level where he got excited about the thought of a new washer and dryer. Well, we’re at that stage now and we’re feeling the same way about new household appliances and gadgets. One that’s been making our lives easier throughout this move has been the dual-action CrossWave from Bissell.

New Darlings - Dining Roomnew-darlings-dining-roomnew-darlings-dining-roomWe plan to have an area rug in the dining room; not sure yet if we’re going to keep this one, but we currently have it laid down in the room to help visualize what we may want to do. The CrossWave has been great for switching between cleaning the area rugs and hardwood floors. Also, Henry is partial to bringing his treats in this room to snack on the rug, so we’re thinking the rug washing option is going to come in handy. We love that it has several options for multi-surfaces in one machine, because we don’t have a ton of closet space to tuck away multiple cleaning supplies in. We’re thinking about turning the coat closet in the hall, into a linen/supply closet, but that’s a whole other beast to tackle. 😉

Here’s a few inspiration images we’re loving for the look of the dining room.



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What do you guys think? Any styles you’ve been loving lately?

Thank you to Bissell for partnering on this post and keeping our place tidy in the midst of this move and holiday season. As always all thoughts & opinions are our own.

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