French Grocery


A few weeks ago we tried out the French Grocery in Phoenix.  We have been meaning to go for quite some time now and are so happy we finally did! It’s a family owned grocery/cafe with everything from wines and cheeses to the sweetest desserts and lattes.  We went in the evening and snacked on … Continue reading “French Grocery”


Flagstaff, AZ


Every few months we get the itch to drive up north to Flagstaff, AZ.  We love waking up while it’s still dark, taking our coffee and tea to go, and making playlists for our two hour drive up from Phoenix.  Everything about the drive gets us excited; the views, feeling the temperature drop, and the … Continue reading “Flagstaff, AZ”


These Days


Happy weekend! We’re heading out early today for a fall adventure up north!  We have our tea and coffee ready, iPhones updated with our favorite songs and some cozy sweaters to keep us warm.  We really can’t wait to take it all in and enjoy the autumn scenery. Hers: Forever 21 sweater, Gap jeans, Madewell tee, … Continue reading “These Days”