Playlist No. 02


Topshop tank | Urban Outfitters jeans | glasses c/o EyeBuyDirect Hope you guys had a great weekend!  We spent a lot of our time inside trying to avoid the scorching heat that awaits us just outside our front door.  Time at home for us definitely means lots of music playing all day.  Music is a … Continue reading “Playlist No. 02”


Valentine’s Day 2016


Hope everyone had a very Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve never been big on celebrating this holiday, but we definitely look forward to spending some quality time together.  Yesterday consisted of a lot of baking, movie watching, and silly photo taking.  This was our TWELFTH Valentine’s Day together! Craziness.  It’s amazing how the time flies by.  We’re … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day 2016”


Better with Age: Lacoste


We both share a love for fashion and clothing, there’s no denying that.  Every morning we share the same routine of picking out what to wear, mixing and matching pieces, bouncing ideas off one another.  Most days, we keep it pretty simple with classic pieces you can’t go wrong with.  We often find ourselves exchanging stories … Continue reading “Better with Age: Lacoste”