June 9, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 21

Sézane dress | Ray-ban sunglasses | Lack of Color hat | Madewell bracelet

Happy Friday! We hope everyone had a good week.  It’s been pretty scorching hot over here in Phoenix and we’ve been doing our best to stay cool in the 100+ degree heat.  We’ve been spending lots of time in our yard regardless, and potting some plants on our patio that we’re so excited to share with you guys in the coming weeks.  This weekend we’ll be shooting a few projects, and getting our house in order before a couple small trips next week to L.A. and Austin.  We’ll be hosting an event in Austin with Canon at Precision Camera & Video on 6/17! It will be a fun afternoon of photo taking, adventuring, and a ton of great prizes. Click here for more details and to register for the event. 🙂

And now, in true Friday fashion here are a few of our favorite links from around the web.  Enjoy!


June 2, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 20

New Darlings Pretty Florals Sundresses

It’s been, what feels like forever, since our last full normal week.  This one was actually a pretty good one.  We are fully back in routine-mode and not complaining about that.  We kicked off the week with a brunch date with our pal, Sarah (@arrowandapple) and discussed the major plot holes of Bad Moms (Ha!), our short work week was met with lots of editing (thanks 2-week cruise!) and tonight we’re headed out for some tasty Chinese food with the Tremaine Ranch gang.  As you may have seen this week on the blog, we rolled out our master bathroom photos.  We’re so excited to see this home of ours coming together.  We still have some major designing to do in the living room, office, dining room, and guest house (demo starting soon!), but we’re really happy with the way things are going over here.  This weekend, we are looking forward to early morning breakfasts in the yard with the pup, hopefully catching dinner and a movie, and binging House of Cards.  We hope everyone has a great weekend!  Here’s a few links to browse while you enjoy the first weekend of June.


May 26, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 19

So we’ve been back in Phoenix for almost a week now after what feels like almost two straight months of travel.  As much as we had an incredible time on our trips, it’s definitely nice to settle back in to our routine at home.  We’ve been working on some fun projects over here and are excited to start sharing them over the next couple months.  Expect some more room reveals, a new blog design, and probably a bit more travel 😉 We hope everyone has a great, long weekend filled with sunshine, family, and relaxation.  Here are some links from around the web we’ve been enjoying this week.  Cheers!


May 5, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 18

Hello from Estonia! It’s day six of our cruise with Princess and we have been exploring Tallinn all day. It’s so beautiful here and we found some really fun spots. Can’t wait to share more with you guys! We just got back to our room to freshen up and do some work before heading to dinner with the rest of the group. Have you been following along with us on IG stories? It’s so fun being here with a lot of the group from our last cruise around the Mediterranean. It’s like one big class reunion and we’re loving it! 🙂

Here’s a few links from around the web we’ve been loving this week. Happy Friday! READ MORE

April 21, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 17

Madewell tank, bandana, and jeans | Sézane bag | Too Faced lip color in “Coral Pop”

Hope everyone had a great week!  We are finally getting back into a routine over here after lots of travel and home renovations.  It sounds funny, but just sitting at a desk (instead of our dining table) to hammer out some emails felt so good.  We still have some work going on over here, but luckily it’s all outside now.  We had the tiles removed in a few spots around the house and are having pavers laid instead.  We think it will be a better look for the white exterior paint we went with.  We’re excited to watch it all come together and finally get a chance to unbox some of our patio furniture.  We’re almost there!  Check out a Q&A we did with Schoolhouse about our home over here.  This weekend we will be heading back to pilates, hoping to catch a movie, and just continue this little routine we got going on.  Hope everyone has a Happy Earth Day!


April 14, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 16

Madewell top & scarf | Urban Outfitters jeans | vintage credenza | Schoolhouse lamp

Happy Friday! We had a busy week getting things back together around the house and hosting our dear friends Joe and Tessa, while they were in town. It felt good to unplug a bit and show them around Phoenix, chat till the late hours of the night, and indulge in all of the city’s good food and sweet treats. They are two amazing souls and we are so grateful to have met them two years ago on our road trip. Seriously cannot believe that was two years ago already. Where is the time going?! Anyone have any fun weekend plans? We will be heading to a pot luck tonight with some friends and then hopefully going to pilates at some point. We justtt started reformer pilates, and boy oh boy are our muscles sore. We had no idea just how out of shape we were. Hah!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend. Here are a few links from around the web we’ve been loving… READ MORE

March 31, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 15

March ’17 might just be the craziest month in our 12+ years together.  It started with our dream trip to Paris for two weeks and is ending with a big remodel at our house…exterior paint, two bathrooms and kitchen fully redone.  We never thought good things could bring so much anxiousness and stress, but man, it’s tough not having access to much of your house while living in it.  We know we are close to the finish line, and it’s looking soooo great, so it’s all about having a bit of patience and letting go of your “normal” routine.  Been loving all of your insight and DMs through IG.  We’ve really enjoyed reading about your own remodel stories, tips, and tricks, so thank you so much for sharing! It’s also been really interesting bringing Henry with us basically everywhere we go. We can’t really leave him alone with all the tools, debris, and the fact that he thinks it’s all food. Haha!  He’s so gentle and kind, but still gets a little crazy around other dogs, so this has definitely been a test for him. He’s been pretty good for the most part, but there is still the occasional bark fest and spinning in circles. Once he’s close and can give them a good sniff, we’re all good. Haha!  Anywho, we can’t wait to share all the hard work that these guys and gals are putting into our home.  We are sooo close to getting back to some good ol’ home cooked meals!

Here’s some links for your browsing pleasure.  Enjoy and happy weekend!

1 – As our master bathroom renovations come to an end, we are most excited about our tub and all the baths we are going to take.  This article took away the guilt of all those thirty minute baths we took rather than going for that morning walk.

2 – We’ve been taking our gummy vitamins daily for years, but articles like this keep popping up and it’s making us feel like we’ve been duped.  What do you guys think?

3 – Our weeks always include a stop at Trader Joe’s, and we loved checking out this list of healthy foods that we’ll have to pick up on our next trip.

4 – Fleet Foxes are back! We’ve been loving all the teasers and comments from Robin Pecknold’s Instagram and this new song has been the only one playing around here lately.

5 – Our house renovation is still underway, but we can’t help but start to plan on our next project…the guest house!  This garage turned Bungalow is all sorts of inspiring.

6 – We were so lucky to have the opportunity to visit the Sézane Librarie while in Paris.  The space is gorgeous and we loved chatting with the staff while browsing the beautiful bags and books and sipping on some coffee.  Check out their new Spring Collection here before it’s all gone!

7 – If you didn’t get a chance to check out our latest Youtube video with Revlon and Tell the Birds, you can find it here. Don’t forget to subscribe!

8 – We love this brand!  These have been our go-to shoes for pretty much any occasion.  Do yourself a huge favor and add a pair to your life!

9 – Playing it safe used to really be our thing.  In the past few years, we’ve just started being a bit more risky and pushing ourselves to new places.  We really love this Risk-Taking 101 over on W&D.

10 – If you’re looking for a new blogger to follow, head over to Sea of Shoes and follow Jane on Instagram.  We had the pleasure of meeting Jane and Jeff while in Paris, and loved chatting with them about fashion, food, homes, traveling, relationships, and we feel like we’ve known them for years.  Love them!

March 4, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 14

Here’s a peek at our entry way that finally feels complete, clean, and fresh. Can’t wait to get started on the other rooms next Wednesday! This weekend will consist of a lot of prep, organizing, and getting ready for home projects and our trip to Paris! We are beyond excited! What’s everyone up to this weekend?

Here’s a few links from around the web we loved this week:

1 – We have so many big travel plans for 2017, and we absolutely looooove this list of things to do before boarding a plane.

2 – Did you catch our NYC posts? We had so much fun on our recent trip to New York and shared a post here and here.

3 – Schoolhouse has become one of our favorite companies, and our house is quickly filling up with their lighting and accessories. Their hashtag, #SchoolhouseLiving just launched with community photos from around the web and we’re so excited to see how other Schoolhouse fans style their goodies.

4 – This song has always been a favorite, and we’ve been playing it a lot over here lately.

5 – How perfect is Wit & Delight’s new studio space?!

6 – We love a good chambray!  Here’s one for him & her that we’ve been eyeing.

7 – What do you guys think of the new Instagram feature?  We’ve yet to try it, but it may be a fun way to share a batch of snaps from a trip or shoot.  Let us know what you think!

8 – Arizona isn’t just cactus, cowboys and tumbleweed! Here’s a great write-up on things to do in Scottsdale, AZ.

9 – We tried this mask the other night while we binged a bit of our favorite tv shows, and it’s become a new favorite.

10 – If you’re looking for a new blogger to follow, head over to Sugar & Cloth and follow Ashley & Jared on Instagram.  We were lucky enough to meet them on our Mediterranean cruise last summer, and they have become great friends who are constantly inspiring us.  They just got married and are sharing so many breathtaking photos from their gorgeous honeymoon.  We love ’em!

February 18, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 13

New Darlings Lifestyle Travel Blog

Aritzia leggings and sweater | Raen sunglasses | Sézane tote (similar)

We hope you all had a great week!  We’ve been taking full advantage of the time difference here, waking up a bit earlier, and browsing the good ol’ internet under piles of blankets.  Here are some of our favorite links from the week.  Check them out below!

1 – Our most played song this month has definitely been this one.

2 – As spring creeps up on us, we are loving these light jackets for him & her.

3 – Did you catch our bedroom reveal last week?

4 – We are obsessed with this beautiful Bridge & Burn and Kiriko collaboration.

5 – Our contractor met with us last week to go over the plans for our kitchen and bathroom, so we’ve pretty much been living on Domino’s kitchen and bathroom pages for inspiration.

6 – This kettle needs to go from our wishlist to our cart right about now.

7 – Anyone else race to watch every Oscar nominated performance before the Academy Awards?  We’re running out of time, but we did see Nocturnal Animals the other day and it was definitely intense!

8 – I think we might be using these tips and tricks to get better sleep on our flight back to Phoenix in a few days.

9 – So excited about this trailer! We loved binge watching this show and can’t wait to do it again next month.

10 – If you’re looking for a new blogger to follow, head over to WishWishWish and follow Carrie on Instagram.  Her effortless style and travel photos are always so inspiring.


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February 10, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 12

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone had a nice week! We’ve been tidying up around here and getting ready for NY on Tuesday. We became an aunt and uncle for the fourth time this week, so we will be heading back east to meet our new nephew. We’re looking forward to some family time and catching up with friends in the midst of the craziness that is fashion week and all the snow!

Later today our contractor will be coming by to help us plan out a few things for the kitchen and bathroom, get an estimate, and all that jazz. Some tile samples we ordered came in today and we’re getting really excited about putting our mark on this place and seeing it evolve. We recently found this pre civil war era oil painting at an antique shop in town, and we knew we had to have her. Little by little this place is starting to feel like home. Also, Henry is not over this being held cuddly stage (he’s been so lovey dovey lately), so what else can we ask for on a Friday afternoon? 😉

Here’s a few links from around the web we bookmarked this week…

1 – Thinking about exposed beams in your home? This round up will leave you swooning.

2 – Feeling stressed lately, maybe for more reasons than one? Here are 8 ways to keep calm and your anxiety at bay.

3 – We’ve been seeing Ross Cassidy’s collaboration with CB2 pop up all over the web this week. If minimalism and Japanese inspired home decor is what you crave, then this collection is definitely for you.

4 – These baked beet chips are on our list as one of next week’s side dishes. Yum!

5 – We rounded up a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him & her, in this post.

6 – Is your place (and brain) feeling a little cluttered? Look no further.

7 – Excited to dive into this interior design book this week.

8 – A new favorite sweater (for her), to cozy up on the couch or grab brunch in.

9 – The best mens sneakers to wear with any outfit.

10 – Capri? Yes please! Here are 5 destinations that will have you booking your next vacation in a snap!


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