June 5, 2017 |

Our Kitchen: Get the Look Open Shelving & Countertop Decor

The biggest question we got about our kitchen reveal was about the open shelving…do we like it, where did we get them, how to keep them neat, etc. Well, if you were curious about open shelving and how to keep your counter tops tidy, plus links to all of our kitchen decor pieces, keep reading.


June 2, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 20

New Darlings Pretty Florals Sundresses

It’s been, what feels like forever, since our last full normal week.  This one was actually a pretty good one.  We are fully back in routine-mode and not complaining about that.  We kicked off the week with a brunch date with our pal, Sarah (@arrowandapple) and discussed the major plot holes of Bad Moms (Ha!), our short work week was met with lots of editing (thanks 2-week cruise!) and tonight we’re headed out for some tasty Chinese food with the Tremaine Ranch gang.  As you may have seen this week on the blog, we rolled out our master bathroom photos.  We’re so excited to see this home of ours coming together.  We still have some major designing to do in the living room, office, dining room, and guest house (demo starting soon!), but we’re really happy with the way things are going over here.  This weekend, we are looking forward to early morning breakfasts in the yard with the pup, hopefully catching dinner and a movie, and binging House of Cards.  We hope everyone has a great weekend!  Here’s a few links to browse while you enjoy the first weekend of June.


June 1, 2017 |

Scandinavian Cruise Pt. I

A few weeks ago we embarked on a two week cruise on the Regal Princess through Scandinavia, which began in Copenhagen. We were super excited to be reunited with some of our favorite blogger pals and explore new parts of the world we didn’t have the opportunity to visit before. We’ve said it in the past, but cruising really is the best way to see so many different places so quickly. It’s like a crash course in each country and although we sometimes (okay, most of the time) felt like we didn’t get to see enough of each place at every port, it really gave us an idea of what cities we wanted to go back to and plan a longer stay. READ MORE

May 31, 2017 |

Some new favorites with Nordstrom Rack

His: The Kooples shirt | Topman jeans | Aldo shoes (similar here) | Coach watch
Hers: Kate Spade dress, watch, and sunglasses (similar here and here) | Steve Madden shoes (similar here)

We are huge advocates for affordable style.  We’ve always believed that dressing well has more to do with fit, quality, and versatility than just picking the “best” brand off the rack and throwing it on.  Every year around this time, we try to add pieces that can be worn in different ways, as layers, or accessories that work for any occasion.  Mixing high and low. It’s definitely more strategic than it looks.  Picking out neutrals, timeless patterns, and comfortable shoes are very important to us.  Nordstrom Rack is definitely not a new kid on the block, but we’re late to the game with discovering just how great the deals are. We often have trouble justifying an expensive watch or bag, so it’s been great to add some new pieces to our wardrobe without feeling guilty. 😉 Here are a few favorites for him and her we’re currently loving…


May 30, 2017 |

Our Master Bathroom: The Reveal

Minimal black and white subway tile bathroom with brass accentsWell here she is! Our brass and marble accented lady of a master bathroom.

Our two goals for this room were to modernize it while keeping the vintage feel, and maximize on space/storage. For us the layout was perfect and just needed some tweaking. Some pieces were bulky, there were half walls, extra trim around the tub, and old light fixtures. With the help of Wayfair’s Home Improvement section, a speedy contractor, and a bit of patience, we were able to create our dream bathroom without changing the footprint of the room.


May 29, 2017 |

Playlist No. 03

Lifestyle Photography Music FavoritesMadewell shirt | UO jeans (similar)

We realize it’s been quite a while since we shared our last playlist with you guys.  We like to share the actual songs we are currently listening to while we work here at home, but since we’ve been pretty much moving, unpacking, renovating, and traveling for much of the past year we haven’t had that steady work flow.  Now that we are finally set up again at home, it’s been so nice to have these playlists going.  We’re happy to share Playlist No. 03 for you to enjoy.  Let us know what you guys think! READ MORE

May 26, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 19

So we’ve been back in Phoenix for almost a week now after what feels like almost two straight months of travel.  As much as we had an incredible time on our trips, it’s definitely nice to settle back in to our routine at home.  We’ve been working on some fun projects over here and are excited to start sharing them over the next couple months.  Expect some more room reveals, a new blog design, and probably a bit more travel 😉 We hope everyone has a great, long weekend filled with sunshine, family, and relaxation.  Here are some links from around the web we’ve been enjoying this week.  Cheers!


May 25, 2017 |

Life Lately

After a vigorous month of travel and several different countries, we are finally home and slowly get back to our routine. When we were younger and dating, we would always talk about all the cities we wanted to visit, what we were going to do when we got married, and what kind of lives we would lead. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be able to travel as much as we do, and as fun and eye-opening it is to experience new places and cultures, there’s something really comforting about having a home base to return to and kind of melt back into your comfort zone. Nine times out of ten, when we travel, it’s for work and/or a brand partnership, so our days are usually pretty packed. For a while the plane rides, various time zones, and dinners with new friends felt normal to us, but after a few days of being home we are already wondering what we did without all these puppy cuddles, home cooked meals, and down time. READ MORE

May 24, 2017 |

Our Swimwear Picks: Summer ’17

image via

It’s heating up out there and we are ready to hit the pool here in Phoenix.  There are only two ways to stay cool here in the summer and that’s either staying inside or hanging out at the pool.  While we do spend much of our time indoors, we do try to relax and take a swim when we can.  This summer should be filled with travel, summer gatherings, and lazy days.  Here are some of our favorite swimwear picks from around the web that we’ll be looking to sport this summer.


May 18, 2017 |

Formal Nights with Princess Cruises

We’re definitely guilty of indulging in a pajama day on the weekends or opting for a cozy night in, but there’s something to be said about how you feel when you dress up and pull yourself together. Like many we were completely obsessed with Mad Men, and part of the reason why we tuned in each week, aside from how incredibly bad ass Donald Draper was, had to do with the focus on fashion. Dates, parties, baseball games, even flying on plane…people used to simply dress up more for the occasion. READ MORE

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