October 26, 2016 |

Jaguar XE: Photo Diary

New Darlings - Adventures up North with the Jaguar XE
A few weeks back we had the pleasure of partnering with Jaguar on a fun shoot up North, in celebration of their new XE model. We made our way up the winding Arizona state route 89A, through Sedona up to Flagstaff for a day trip where we were surrounded by lush greenery and towering red rocks. We had such a fun time putting our own spin on their cheeky and not too serious approach to style.

Take a peek below!

New Darlings - Adventures up North with the Jaguar XENew Darlings - Adventures up North with the Jaguar XENew Darlings - Adventures up North with the Jaguar XENew Darlings - Adventures up North with the Jaguar XENew Darlings - Adventures up North with the Jaguar XENew Darlings - Adventures up North with the Jaguar XENew Darlings - Adventures up North with the Jaguar XENew Darlings - Adventures up North with the Jaguar XENew Darlings - Adventures up North with the Jaguar XE

Photos by Natalie Allen.

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September 23, 2016 |

Seattle, WA

New Darlings - Pike Place Market Seattle - Photo by @alohacrabsNew Darlings -Seattle Travel Guide

Oh man, Seattle!  You really took us by surprise.   It’s not that we didn’t expect you to be great.  We did!  We just didn’t expect you to be that great.  From the minute we landed at Sea-Tac Airport to our last minute shopping in Ballard, our trip was jam-packed with good times.  The weather was perfect, with hints of fall everywhere.  We hadn’t walked so much in a long time, and it felt sooooo good to be outside in the fresh air.  The best part about this trip was being able to reconnect with our dear friends, Vincent and Cheyanne.  Somehow, we always end up meeting with Vincent in random cities (Austin, San Francisco, and now Seattle) and we’re not complaining.  It’s always unplanned, but we don’t mind a single bit as we find ourselves laughing nonstop when we’re all together.  We were pretty happy to see our fellow Phoenician (now a PNW transplant) Cheyanne, as well.  She moved just a few weeks ago, and is still learning the ins and outs of the city herself, so it was a treat to introduce the two and explore all the must-see places on our list.

New Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide
Elm Coffee Roasters – We didn’t do our usual coffee shop crawl this trip as we tend to do while traveling.  Seattle really kept us outdoors most of the time, but we made a few stops into Elm, and enjoyed a cortado and espresso tonic.  
Starbucks Reserve: Roastery & Tasting Room – It’s described as the “Willy Wonka of coffee” and definitely not the Starbucks you’re thinking of.  Upscale décor, premium, limited time coffee blends, and really fun to watch the roasting process on a large scale.  So glad we stopped by for a quick drink.
Tavern Law – We were looking for a place to grab drinks after a tasty dinner at Oddfellows on our first night in town, and we ended up here.  Our bartender, Link, was the nicest guy.  We had some great drinks and deep conversations.
Milstead & Co. – Our last stop before heading back to Phoenix.  We walked here from Gas Works Park and enjoyed some caffeine before our flight.
New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guidenew-darlings-seattle-travel-guide-3New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide - London PlaneNew Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide
Cafe Flora – This place was just a few steps from our Airbnb.  Came here for breakfast a couple times and left extremely full.  Great portions, loved their roasted potatoes and eggs.
Oddfellows Cafe & Bar – Hits the spot for just about everything you’d want to eat or drink.  We came twice for dinner (it was that good) and drinks in our short visit.  Wish we had time for a third. Try the “Ode to St. Anne”.
Molly Moon’s Ice Cream – vegan ice cream with a bunch of locations scattered around Seattle. Our favorite was the honey lavender flavor. 
Homegrown – Stopped in to Melrose Market and got some sandwiches at Homegrown.  The Chicken Pesto was the remedy to a growling belly.
The London Plane – Super photogenic, delicious brunch, and lots of flowers.  Loved the Pioneer Square area.
Hello Robin – Dessert after dinner at Tallulah’s.  Ice cream sammies are great!
Tallulah’s – Loved the vibe here and the roasted chicken.

New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide - Moorea Sealnew-darlings-seattle-travel-guide-4New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide - Photo by @alohacrabsNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide

Moorea Seal – Just a short walk north of Pike Place Market.  We were lucky enough to meet Moorea on our visit.  She owns and curates this beautiful shop and is such an inspiring woman.  Check out her new book, 52 Lists for Happiness.
Trove Vintage – Curated vintage selection in the Ballard area.  We first heard of it from our friends over at Local Wanderer, and we’re glad we took their advice and headed over there.  We even scored a retro magazine rack for our (future) house.
The Palm Room – Plants everywhere!  We were mesmerized by the selection of greenery.
Prism – Loved seeing our friends from Bridge & Burn well represented in this shop in addition to so many other great west coast brands.
Glasswing – One of our favorite shops in Seattle.  A little bit of everything (with brands like Apolis, Bizu, Ace & Jig, etc.), and a clawfoot tub filled with Aesop goodies.
Elliott Bay Book Company – Huge selection of books with two levels, loved the Little Oddfellows Café in the back.  Would definitely be our place to unwind if we were locals.
Totokaelo – A little pricey, but this place was minimal perfection with quite the shoe selection.
Everyday Music – Conveniently located in Capitol Hill.  Loved roaming around their large selection of vinyl, cds, and video.  I’m sure if we lived in the area, we’d spend all day there.
Nube – The perfect place to pick up a souvenir that screams Seattle without those cheesy airport vibes. Cards, bags, candles, and more US made goodies.

New Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide - @alohacrabsNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide - Photo by @alohacrabsNew Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide - Pike Place Market

Gas Works Park – It was our last day in town and we couldn’t leave without checking out this park for ourselves.  The park was built on an old coal gasification plant site. The weather was a perfect Seattle overcast, and we loved the views of the city from the grassy hills. 
The Fremont Troll – We finally got to meet The Fremont Troll!  Dream come true. 😉
Kerry Park – Before arriving at Kerry Park, we walked over to Molly Moon’s to grab some ice cream to enjoy while watching the sun set over the city. There was a full moon and everyone gathered around with their cameras to capture the shot. This had to be one of our favorite moments from the trip.
Volunteer Park Conservatory – We spent an afternoon here with our friend Vincent.  The cactus room made us feel right at home. More photos to come!
Pike Place Market – We didn’t know whether to put this place in “food”, “drinks”, “shopping”, or “sightseeing”.  There is a bit of everything at Pike Place Market, and although it was packed with tourists (including us), it is definitely worth checking out everything going on there.
Gold Creek Pond – We raced here before sunset for the incredible views with Vincent and Cheyanne.  We were the only people around and it was perfect for a few photos together.

New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide

Big thanks to our friends Vincent and Cheyanne for being perfect tour guides, the best dinner dates, and for snapping a few photos of us. Looking forward to the next reunion! 😉

Until next time, Seattle!

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September 22, 2016 |

35,000 ft in the Sky

New Darlings - Flying to Seattle with DeltaNew Darlings - Flying to Seattle with DeltaNew Darlings - Flying to Seattle with DeltaNew Darlings - Flying to Seattle with Delta

We never thought we’d be frequent flyers.  We used to watch Up in the Air and think George Clooney made it look so cool, but we were the frantic ones showing up to the airport late, not being able to get our boots off, then getting on the plane and feeling restless.  We didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  Most of that has changed.  We really picked up our travel game this past year.  We’ve averaged about one trip per month and although we are definitely not as cool as Clooney, we are heading in the right direction.  Showing up at the airport now feels very comfortable.  We know exactly where to check in and about how much time we need to get through security and we usually find ourselves at the gate with a little bit of time to spare. (Who would have guessed it?!)  We still get sweaty palms as we take off, but after that we sit back and enjoy the flight.

New Darlings - Flying to Seattle with DeltaNew Darlings - Flying to Seattle with DeltaWe have learned to embrace the time we have in the air, with a few tricks we picked up along the way to make flying much smoother, i.e. always carry on when possible, dress in layers, wear easy slip-on shoes, bring headphones to pass the time on the flight. We recently partnered with Delta on our trip to Seattle. It was our first flight in a few months and we soaked in the quiet three hour trip, with lots of cookies and movies. Usually we find ourselves using flights as time to catch up on emails, edit photos, etc., but this time around it was nice to unwind and take advantage of Delta’s New Free In-Flight Entertainment. It’s pretty cool that they’re now offering movies and TV episodes directly on your phones and laptops. We split our time between When Harry Met Sally and catching up on old Veep episodes.New Darlings - Flying to Seattle with DeltaNew Darlings - Flying to Seattle with Delta

We’re looking forward to a few more trips in the upcoming months, before the rush of the holidays. We’re dreaming of colorful leaves and possibly some snow. We’ll see where the road, or sky, takes us.

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Thank you to Delta for partnering on this post. As always all opinions and thoughts are our own.

September 13, 2016 |

Heading to Seattle

New Darlings - Living Roomtravel bags c/o Away and Nisolo

We’ve been home from Tucson for about 24 hours and soon will be boarding a flight to Seattle, for a mix of work of leisure. We have been wanting to visit the city for so many years now, and are so excited to finally be taking a trip. It was a little last minute and unexpected, but sometimes that’s the best way to travel. (Or at least that’s what I’m telling my prone-to-planning self.) We will be shooting some fun content, along with seeing some friends while we’re there. It’s amazing how blogging and photography has brought us close to so many kind and talented people, that we might have otherwise never met. We’re looking forward to catching up with those we’ve missed and exploring the city.

Any Seattle recommendations? Food, shops, sightseeing? Please share them with us!

We’ll be sharing bits and pieces of the trip on Instagram while we’re away, if you’d like to follow along. Also, poll time…IG stories or Snapchat? Now that some time has passed with the IG update, what’s everyone feeling?

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September 9, 2016 |

Nisolo Travel Collection

New Darlings - Nisolo Travel CollectionNew Darlings - Nisolo Travel CollectionNew Darlings - Nisolo Travel Collection

Last fall we took a road trip to Nashville and along the way we discovered so many amazing companies, one of them being Nisolo. We fell in love with their bright minimal showroom and couldn’t help but leave with a few pairs of boots and oxfords in tow. We were visiting right around the time of the release of their Lockwood boot, and we were instantly hooked. (You also might have seen their Ecuador sandal pop up in our feed quite often…when we love a brand, we clearly go all in. 😉 ) They’ve become one of those companies that we’re always checking in on and seeing what new arrivals pop up in their shop. Their style is classic yet effortless, which is really important to us when investing in quality pieces that will last for years to come.

New Darlings - Nisolo Travel Collection New Darlings - Nisolo Travel Collection

They recently launched their new travel collection, which we’re pretty excited about. As fall draws closer we’re beginning to plan a few trips.  This weekend we’re heading south for a little staycation in Tucson (we were just there on Monday for a fun shoot in the mountains and the weather was pretty heavenly; hello 30 degree temperature difference!), and we’re looking forward to putting these beauties to good use.  The collection currently consists of four pieces: the Durango Dopp Kit (perfect for toiletries and all those odds & ends), the Veracruz Pouch (such a great size for cosmetics, or even as a clutch with your phone and planner), the Cordoba backpack (the prettiest backpack for any adventure), and the Leon Weekender (this fits it all!). Take a peek below at we packed for our weekend getaway with the new collection.

New Darlings - Nisolo Travel CollectionNew Darlings - Nisolo Travel Collection

Follow along on snapchat and Instagram this weekend to see what we’re up to in Tucson. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!New Darlings - Nisolo Travel CollectionAviate PHX hat | Lack of Color hat | Striped tank and necklace c/o Moorea Seal | Urban Outfitters jeans

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August 17, 2016 |

125 Mile Adventure

New Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Fall StyleNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel Journal

Last week, we escaped the heat and headed up north to Flagstaff, AZ. The long drive is one of our favorites, and we were thrilled to team up with Tretorn to celebrate their 125th anniversary by going on an adventure 125 miles from home. We only stayed for the night, but the fresh air, cool breeze, and nothing but trees surrounding us was a great change of scenery for two days. As fall begins to creep up on us, we always find ourselves yearning for that traditional transition in seasons, that special smell in the air, the coziness, and giddiness of the sense of new that’s ahead…whatever it may be. Sometimes we dream about country life…what it would be like to live on a big plot of land, with nothing but trees surrounding us. There’s so many states we’d still love to visit, but we love these mini adventures together, no matter how close or far they may be from our own city. We stayed at the Little America hotel, which is just so charming and quaint.  It’s where we stayed the first time we visited Flagstaff, so it has a lot of great memories attached to it. We went to some of our favorite spots around town including Buffalo Park and of course, Pizzicletta for some of the best pizza we’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring. The next morning we grabbed coffee and breakfast at Macy’s (it’s somewhat of a tradition at this point), before exploring a bit for the day.

New Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Fall StyleNew Darlings - Tretorn125-12New Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel Journal New Darlings - Tretorn125-30


New Darlings - Tretorn125-21New Darlings - Tretorn Sneakers & Denim - MenswearH&M denim jacket (similar here and here) | tee c/o Bridge and Burn | Topman jeans | sneakers c/o Tretorn | watch c/o Movado
New Darlings - Flagstaff AZ - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff AZ - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, AZNew Darlings - Tretorn125-22New Darlings - Tretorn Sneakers - Urban Outfitters JeansMadewell tee and scarf | Urban Outfitters jeans (similar) | glasses c/o EyeBuyDirect | bag c/o Sezane | sneakers c/o Tretorn
New Darlings - Flagstaff AZ - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff AZ - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel JournalNew Darlings - Flagstaff, Arizona - Travel Journal

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August 9, 2016 |

Palm Springs Getaway with Bota Box

New Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway - Dome in the DesertNew Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway - Dome in the DesertNew Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway New Darlings - Palm Springs GetawaySummer, for us, has always been about getaways, friends and recharging.  Since we were kids, as many families do, we would look forward to that special summer vacation.  Growing up on the East coast meant lots of trips to nearby cities, down the coast to Florida, and of course, Disney World. Our families were very similar in that way.  They worked hard, but always made time for that one big trip every year that really helped us as kids to understand reward, and what it means to step away from the comforts of home and try something new.

We’ve only been living in Phoenix for three years, but feel pretty grateful for a good group of friends here that we truly care about and love spending time with.  We like to think that we’ve continued those old traditions of getting away for the summer, even for just a few days, and recharge.  These people have become our family, home away from, and getting away with them for a few days was just what we needed recently.
New Darlings - Salvation Mountain - CaliforniaNew Darlings - Sand Dunes CaliforniaNew Darlings - Salvation Mountain CaliforniaNew Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway - Imperial Sand Dunes CANew Darlings - Bota Box - Palm Springs Getaway
A few weeks ago, we planned a fun trip to Palm Springs with our Arizona family, packed up the car and took the five-hour drive.  Of course, we stopped a few times along the way to explore some new spots, pick up a few snacks, and take a few photos for our collection.  The highlights were definitely the Imperial Sand Dunes and Salvation Mountain.  It was hot, no doubt about it, and the sands may have burnt our feet (just a little), but the six of us made the best of it and laughed the whole time.  We joked around the whole ride there, listened to a lot of Beatles, and sweat it out together.  Exploring Salvation Mountain was pretty amazing.  We had first heard of this place when we watched Into the Wild a few years back, and were so thrilled to finally see it in person.  “This is a love story that is staggering to everybody in the world.” Regardless of what one’s religious beliefs may be, there’s no denying the incredible artwork of Leonard Knight.  We could definitely all learn a thing or two from him. Every inch of that place was just so special and definitely worth a visit if you are near the area.
New Darlings - Dome in the Desert - Palm SpringsNew Darlings - Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway with Bota Box
When we arrived to our Airbnb in Palm Springs, we were pretty stunned.  It wasn’t your ordinary house.  It was a dome!! But not just any dome. It was a dome on five acres of land, surrounded by towering windmills, and decorated with some pretty funky furniture.  We all freaked out about it for a few minutes in the best way possible, geeking out over the design choices and architecture in general, before we started snapping photos and videos of the property.  It was pretty amazing and we’re so glad we picked such a beautiful place to spend a few days at together.  It was so private and only 15 minutes to downtown Palm Springs, so we really got the best of both worlds.  New Darlings - Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Bota Box - Palm Springs Getaway
New Darlings - Bota BoxNew Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway
We packed the essentials for our trip…comfy clothes, bluetooth speakers to sync up with our Spotify playlists, chairs made by our friends at Tremaine Ranch, our guitars, and of course a little travel wine by our favorite, Bota Box.  We were excited to partner with Bota Box recently, as they have been our go-to for getaways and trips with friends all summer long. Plus who doesn’t want to treat their friends with some tasty treats, corny singalongs, and a little wine? We love that they’re portable and 100% recyclable, while not sacrificing quality.
New Darlings - Palm Springs - ACE HotelNew Darlings - Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Palm Springs - ACE Hotel
We spent equal parts of this trip hanging out and relaxing on the property and wandering around downtown.  We enjoyed happy hour at the ACE hotel and an amazing farewell dinner at the Parker.  Palm Springs in the summertime isn’t for everyone.  It’s hot, pretty empty, and some businesses don’t even open, but we love it.  It feels like we have the city to ourselves.  We were out and about quite a bit on this little getaway, as some of the group was experiencing Palm Springs for the first time, but it’s pretty safe to say that our favorite part of the trip where the evenings where we gathered outside, shared stories, and made up some ridiculous songs.
New Darlings - Sand Dunes CaliforniaNew Darlings - Bota Box - Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Palm Springs GetawayNewDarlings-BotaBox-31New Darlings - Palm Springs GetawayPalm SpringsNew Darlings - Palm Springs Getaway
Palm Springs never gets old…it’s the perfect little adventure while not going too far from our own backyard.  The mid-century homes, beautiful hotels, and vintage shops are always fun to check out and it reminds us of why we moved out west and fell in love with the desert.  We’re glad we are just a car ride away and can’t wait for our next trip.  Until next time, Palm Springs!



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This post was made in partnership with Bota Box. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

August 2, 2016 |

48 Hours in Florence, Pisa + Rome

NewDarlings-Italy2016-RomeNewDarlings-Italy2016NewDarlings-Italy2016Express shirt | bag c/o ONA

We had two short days in Florence, Pisa, and Rome, but they were probably two of our favorite days traveling together. Visiting Italy has always been on our dream list of places to visit, so we really couldn’t believe we there. The ship docked in Livorno and we drove to Pisa to see the famous Leaning Tower in the Square of Miracles.  This place felt like an ancient amusement park with all the medieval architecture and crowds.  People stood on fences, trying to get the perfect photo “holding up” the tower. It was really fun to see and kind of surprising just how much the tower actually leaned. After, we made our way to Florence for just a few short hours to grab lunch and shop around.  Florence was breathtaking.  It’s really difficult not to sound cheesy or cliché when describing our time there, but if you’ve ever been, you’ll know what we mean.

NewDarlings-Italy2016NewDarlings - Italy Travel GuideNew Darlings - Florence ItalyNewDarlings-Italy New Darlings - Italy Travel GuideZara dress | loafers (similar) c/o Seychelles | J.Crew tote (similar)
NewDarlings-Italy Travel Guide

We met up with a friend for lunch, who had already snagged a spot waiting on line outside of at All’Antico Vinaio.  We’ve heard so many amazing things about this place, but didn’t really know what to expect.  Well 20 minutes later, we found ourselves indulging in some of the biggest sandwiches 5 euros could buy you, sitting just outside the shop, with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes dripping on our shoes. It was absolutely perfect. We walked through the Historic Center taking in all the sites, stopping at the Duomo which towered over us. We didn’t get to climb to the top of the cathedral, but if we were to go back we’d love to check out Café at the Oblate Library.  The views look incredible!

NewDarlings-Italy2016-GelatoNewDarlings-Italy2016denim jacket (now on sale!) c/o Madewell | Moscott sunglasses (similar) | Estee Lauder lipstick in “Defiant Coral”

On the morning of our last day on the cruise, we gathered in one of the ship’s restaurants with all the new people we had met, shared stories with, and grew to love.  It was our last day together, and it was pretty crazy to think we would be saying goodbye (well, more like “so long”) to this group of people that felt more like long lost friends, in just a few hours. With bags on our shoulders and cups of coffees in hand we all wobbled off the ship, wheeling our luggage behind us, to the bus that was waiting for us at the port.  We all loaded on, told the driver our stops, and drove in to Vatican City for our last excursion together. We chatted about our favorite parts of the 7-day trip, what are plans were after our day in Rome, and where would all be flying out to next.

NewDarlings-Italy2016NewDarlings-Italy2016New Darlings - Ice-cream in Rome ItalyLike a bunch of sardines we all packed ourselves into the Vatican Museum for a tour before heading to the Sistine Chapel.  Pulling up to the museum was quite a sight to see; lines wraps around the building and crowds of people stopped on the street to snap photos.  If we weren’t with a group like this, we’re not too sure if we would have been able to visit and experience Vatican City in this special way, without getting too overwhelmed.  (This was the debarking tour we signed up for.) We really wish we took more photos, especially while in the Sistine Chapel, but they were very strict about photography.  The artwork was unlike anything we’ve every seen before, and by the end of our tour we had a few kinks in our necks from looking up at the intricate paintings on the ceilings the whole time.  We immediately fell in love with the 3-D painting effect, troupe l’ceil, which creates the illusion of shadows making paintings look like sculptures.  They definitely fooled us a few times, especially when one of us didn’t have their glasses on. 😉

NewDarlings-Italy2016NewDarlings-Italy2016bag c/o Everyone | jacket c/o Bridge and Burn | Topman shirt (similar) | Levi’s denim
NewDarlings-Italy2016-RomeNew Darlings in ItalyNewDarlings-Italy Travel Guide

After our tour we checked into our hotel where we refreshened up for the evening and then quickly headed out to explore the city.  By this point we were starting to feel the affects of so many days of travel with a jam-packed itinerary, but we quickly reminded ourselves that trips like this are only once in a lifetime and we only had one day in Rome, so off we went! We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Taverna Rossini (Margherita pie and cacio e pepe, which is officially our new favorite pasta dish! So tasty!), which was right down the street from our hotel, before heading to the Spanish Steps. We decided to walk there, (take in the sunshine, and fresh air along the way) and were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves strolling through Villa Borghese on our way there. The architecture and artwork in Europe is truly breathtaking, but this park was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.  Imagine children singing songs and playing games in the shade under huge trees, adults dancing and playing music in the street, roller blading competitions resulting in some of the loudest cheers from crowds nearby, and couples riding twin bicycles with the biggest smiles on their faces.  This place was full of life and love and the energy was completely captivating. People there really know how to have a good time and enjoy life — they’re doing it right!

NewDarlings-Italy2016NewDarlings - Pisa, ItalyNewDarlings in Rome Italy

 After an intense cab ride with the sweetest older driver, who wasn’t really sure where we were trying to get to, but did his best to wind in and out of the narrow cobblestone streets, we arrived at our dinner spot for the night: Alfredo e Ada. It is a traditional Roman restaurant that was recommended to us on Instagram, and boy oh boy was it worth the search! Around the Colosseum there are so many restaurants aimed at tourists, which are super convenient, but we wanted to really experience an authentic meal that was somewhere the locals may eat.  The intimate and homey atmosphere, was truly perfect for our last night in Europe. The dim lighting, the waitress who recited us the entire menu from memory, some red wine, and complimentary dessert.  Next to our table, on the wall hung an old calendar from November 2004…the year we started dating.  Maybe it was simply a coincidence, but as we shared some of our favorite stories from over the years and our dreams for the future, we couldn’t help but feel as though we were right where we were meant to be.

You can see more from our Mediterranean Cruise here and more travel posts here.
Lourmarin + Aix-en Provence, France | Portofino, Italy | Exploring Spain

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This post was made in partnership with Princess Cruises. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own.

August 1, 2016 |

Portofino, Italy

New Darlings in Portofino, Italy - Travel StyleNew Darlings in Portofino, Italy - Travel StyleNew Darlings in Portofino, Italy - Travel StyleNew Darlings in Portofino, Italy - Travel StyleNew Darlings in Portofino, Italy - Travel StyleNew Darlings in Portofino, Italy - Travel StyleNordstrom denim jacket | jeans c/o Dstld Denim | Topman shirt | bag c/o Everlane | shoes c/o Nisolo (on sale!) | Ray-Ban sunglasses
NewDarlings-Italy2016New Darlings in Portofino, Italy - Travel StyleNew Darlings in Portofino, Italy - Travel StyleJ.Crew bag (similar here and here)| jeans, shoes (similar), top (similar) c/o Madewell | hat c/o Yellow 108
New Darlings in Portofino, Italy - Travel StyleNew Darlings in Portofino, Italy - Travel Style - Black Fedora - Sweater TankNew Darlings in Portofino, Italy -Colorful SteetsNew Darlings in Portofino, Italy - Travel Style - Black Fedora - J.Crew Crossbody BagNew Darlings in Portofino, Italy - Travel StyleNew Darlings in Portofino, Italy

We’re not really sure how our trip to Italy was already two months ago (what?!), but to say we miss our time there would be an understatement. At least we left with hundreds of photos, a ton of memories, and some new good friends.  We only had a few days in Italy, but we think it was our favorite place we visited.  There’s no denying France and Spain were incredibly beautiful and captivating, but there was something about Italy that completely made our hearts melt.

Actually getting to Portofino could be considered a bit tricky, but thankfully the Princess Cruises team had everything mapped out for us, which made it super simple and stress free. Our ship docked in Genoa, and then we took a bus to Santa Margherita, where we boarded a motorboat to beautiful Portofino.  The short boat ride there was a treat in itself and once we arrived we instantly felt as though we had stepped onto a movie set. The buildings were incredibly colorful nestled right on the crystal clear water, with yachts and sailboats coming in and out of port. We spent the day roaming around the cobblestone streets with Olivia and Blake, who were really just the sweetest people ever!! This has to be one of our favorite things about traveling — meeting new, kind, and inspiring people. (Thanks for the group shot, by the way! 😉 ) We can’t wait to visit Texas one of these days and spend some time with them! We filled our bellies with an insane amount of pizza and gelato at Da I Gemelli, watching the boats go by, and sharing stories about our families back home.  It’s was a cute little restaurant conveniently located right where the boats docked.  We couldn’t help but feel like we were living in a postcard.

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July 7, 2016 |

Lourmarin + Aix-en Provence, France

NewDarlings-FranceNewDarlings-France-12NewDarlings-FranceNewDarlings-FranceNewDarlings-FranceNew Darlings - France - Travel BlogWe still can’t believe its been a month since we’ve been back from our European trip with Princess Cruises. Thinking back, the whole trip still feels like a dream and we’re already talking about going back, especially to France! We only spent one day there, but it was enough to completely suck us in and we can see ourselves spending a few weeks there to explore the entire country.  We’ve been saying that for quite a while now, but one of these days we’re hoping to make it a reality!

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