March 25, 2017 |

A Visit to the Sézane Librairie

It’s no secret I’ve been a fan of Sézane for quite some time now. We have had the pleasure of working closely with the brand over the course of the last year and just when I think they can’t get any better, they release a new collection that is innovative yet still somehow retains their classic feel and nod to years past. Their bags and shoes are some of the most well made pieces in my closet and I was thrilled to visit their librairie while we were in Paris.


March 19, 2017 |

#LoveIn3Words with Revlon

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of shooting a video with Breea of TellTheBirds. We had shot with Breea several years ago when we started the blog, and were so thrilled to be able to work together again while she was in Phoenix. We recently partnered with Revlon and the Women’s Heart Health Alliance on their #LoveIn3Words campaign. We love the message about spreading love in everything you do…from loving and respecting yourself to small acts of kindness you could share with others each day.

Click “Read More” to watch the full video…. READ MORE

March 17, 2017 |

Our Favorite Face Masks

We’ve been traveling quite a bit again, and with all the weather changes our skin has definitely been taking a beating. We’re not as bold as to wear a face mask while flying, but we do have a few favorites that we like to use when we get back to our Airbnb at night, and will be indulging with when we get home from our travels. 🙂

Here are a few current favorites… READ MORE

March 7, 2017 |

Doughnuts with Pure Growth Organic

We have made some big changes to our diets over the last year that have made a big impact on our bodies, skin, and even how we sleep. We cut out beef and pork, and put a larger emphasis on veggies and fish while using organic ingredients when cooking at home. Phoenix has some amazing restaurants that are vegan and vegetarian friendly, and although we eat chicken and fish, these places have become some of our favorites because of their fresh and organic ingredients. One of our favorites is The Coronado and on top of their incredible potato and cauliflower tacos, they make the best pastries! We’re definitely snackers around here, so when our families heard about the changes we made to our diets they were a little shocked. Haha. We took a stab at baking our own doughnuts at home with some fun toppings from Pure Growth Organic recently, and we’re embarrassed to admit they were gone in two days! Read on for the recipe and more about some of our favorite organic snacks. READ MORE

March 6, 2017 | App Launch

The new app is here! If you’re unfamiliar with, it’s an app that allows you to get ready-to-shop links straight to your inbox via your favorite fashion and home decor photos on Instagram. We have been users of their older platform and you most likely have seen their links in our IG captions. They recently made some changes and launched a brand new app, making everything super simple. So now, when you screenshot an image from Instagram, Snapchat, IG stories, or even Pinterest, you’ll get a push notification with the sources for all outfit and product details from each photo. Pretty cool, right?

Read on for more details about the app and a few photos featuring my new favorite trench.  🙂


March 4, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 14

Here’s a peek at our entry way that finally feels complete, clean, and fresh. Can’t wait to get started on the other rooms next Wednesday! This weekend will consist of a lot of prep, organizing, and getting ready for home projects and our trip to Paris! We are beyond excited! What’s everyone up to this weekend?

Here’s a few links from around the web we loved this week:

1 – We have so many big travel plans for 2017, and we absolutely looooove this list of things to do before boarding a plane.

2 – Did you catch our NYC posts? We had so much fun on our recent trip to New York and shared a post here and here.

3 – Schoolhouse has become one of our favorite companies, and our house is quickly filling up with their lighting and accessories. Their hashtag, #SchoolhouseLiving just launched with community photos from around the web and we’re so excited to see how other Schoolhouse fans style their goodies.

4 – This song has always been a favorite, and we’ve been playing it a lot over here lately.

5 – How perfect is Wit & Delight’s new studio space?!

6 – We love a good chambray!  Here’s one for him & her that we’ve been eyeing.

7 – What do you guys think of the new Instagram feature?  We’ve yet to try it, but it may be a fun way to share a batch of snaps from a trip or shoot.  Let us know what you think!

8 – Arizona isn’t just cactus, cowboys and tumbleweed! Here’s a great write-up on things to do in Scottsdale, AZ.

9 – We tried this mask the other night while we binged a bit of our favorite tv shows, and it’s become a new favorite.

10 – If you’re looking for a new blogger to follow, head over to Sugar & Cloth and follow Ashley & Jared on Instagram.  We were lucky enough to meet them on our Mediterranean cruise last summer, and they have become great friends who are constantly inspiring us.  They just got married and are sharing so many breathtaking photos from their gorgeous honeymoon.  We love ’em!

February 28, 2017 |

Jazz Favorites

Jazz records have always been our go-to for our morning playlist.  Our daily routine always starts with taking Henry for an early morning walk around the neighborhood, coming home and boiling water in the kettle for our coffee and tea, and picking out our morning record.   READ MORE

February 18, 2017 |

Weekend Links: 13

New Darlings Lifestyle Travel Blog

Aritzia leggings and sweater | Raen sunglasses | Sézane tote (similar)

We hope you all had a great week!  We’ve been taking full advantage of the time difference here, waking up a bit earlier, and browsing the good ol’ internet under piles of blankets.  Here are some of our favorite links from the week.  Check them out below!

1 – Our most played song this month has definitely been this one.

2 – As spring creeps up on us, we are loving these light jackets for him & her.

3 – Did you catch our bedroom reveal last week?

4 – We are obsessed with this beautiful Bridge & Burn and Kiriko collaboration.

5 – Our contractor met with us last week to go over the plans for our kitchen and bathroom, so we’ve pretty much been living on Domino’s kitchen and bathroom pages for inspiration.

6 – This kettle needs to go from our wishlist to our cart right about now.

7 – Anyone else race to watch every Oscar nominated performance before the Academy Awards?  We’re running out of time, but we did see Nocturnal Animals the other day and it was definitely intense!

8 – I think we might be using these tips and tricks to get better sleep on our flight back to Phoenix in a few days.

9 – So excited about this trailer! We loved binge watching this show and can’t wait to do it again next month.

10 – If you’re looking for a new blogger to follow, head over to WishWishWish and follow Carrie on Instagram.  Her effortless style and travel photos are always so inspiring.


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February 16, 2017 |

Spring-like Florals

New Darlings Lifestyle Fashion Blog Casual Floral BlouseNew Darlings Lifestyle Fashion Blog Casual Floral Blouse

Greetings from New York! We’re back on the east coast, spending time with family and friends in some chilly weather. We took the red eye, which is never a fun flight and arrived early yesterday morning, so we’ve just been taking it easy, adjusting to the time difference, and getting some bonding time in with our nephews. We’re heading into the city for some fun today, but here’s a look at some photos we shot before leaving Phoenix. I haven’t worn a heavy print like this in a while (as I’ve been pretty partial to neutrals lately), but I couldn’t pass up this pretty feminine blouse. Blush pink is one of my favorites, and the soft florals with all black felt like the perfect mix for these early Spring-like days in Phoenix. READ MORE

February 14, 2017 |

Valentine’s Day 2017

New Darlings Valentine's Day Lifestyle Blog

Oh, Valentine’s Day.  We can’t believe we’ve celebrated 13 of you now.  I remember being in our late teens and celebrating with chicken fingers and fries, eating in bed and watching movies all night.  Life was pretty simple when we were dating and carefree.  We spent so much time laying around and daydreaming about our future.  It was pretty amazing actually.

New Darlings Couples Lifestyle Blog Old Photos Valentine's Day

[a few pages out of our photo albums above]

Well, the future has arrived for us.  All the thoughts and plans of one day running off to a new city, settling down somewhere and having our own house have finally come to be.  It definitely wasn’t as easy as the thoughts we had in our teenage brains back in 2005, but we made it here together.  Valentine’s Day might be the most important day for some, a special date night for others, and just a silly made up holiday for the rest.  We definitely don’t go all out every year.  We celebrate love in a lot of ways and we try to keep each other guessing on special date nights and surprises, so Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily always fall on the 14th for us.

This year we’ll be traveling back to New York on the day of love.  How fitting that all those daydreams of one day running off and living in our dream house have finally come true and we’ll be going back to where it all started instead of celebrating in our new house.  Part of us is wondering what the heck were we thinking booking a trip on the night of Valentine’s Day, but realistically we are just so excited to know that we can go visit all of our old, favorite spots back home, spend time with our new baby nephew, enjoy a bit of cold weather, and most importantly, remember when we first fell in love.  New York is flooded with memories for us.  Our first date at the park, that middle point between our two houses where we used to meet on early spring days, the parking lot where every one in town would meet on Friday night and we would just laugh and be silly until we were the last ones there.

We’ve definitely come a long way.  It hasn’t always been easy.  We constantly think about the conversations we had when we were seventeen and the one’s we have now.  So much has changed, but at the end of the day we are still here…growing up together…watching things evolve…and pushing each other to be the best versions of ourselves we could be.  Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope you are all making memories you can be proud of, falling in love with someone or something or some place because when you look back and reflect on the past, you’ll appreciate all the little things you never thought mattered.

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